6 healthy oats smoothie recipe how to make oatmeal smoothies weight loss recipe in hindi

Are you up for some healthy wholesome breakfast smoothies. Sharing with you today 6 simple yet delicious oats smoothie. They are highly nutritious, satisfying and will be very helpful if you are aiming for healthy weight loss.

1. Carrot and orange oats smoothie for weight loss


3-4 Tbsp Quick Oats

2 oranges

1 cup chopped carrots

1.5 tsp honey Yoghurt (optional)

Water as required

How to make carrot orange oatmeal smoothie for weight loss :-

Wash, peel, deseed and chop the oranges. Blend or grind chopped carrots and oranges first until you get a very smooth texture. Once done add the rest of the ingredients and blend again until you get the right consistency.

2. Banana & peanut butter oats smoothie for weight loss


1 medium Banana

3-4 Tbsp Quick Oats

1 Tbsp chia seeds

1 Tbsp peanut butter

1.5 tsp cocoa powder

150ml Low Fat Milk

How to make banana peanut butter oatmeal smoothie:-

In a blender add slices of banana with chia seeds, peanut butter, cocoa powder and 50ml milk. Once blended nicely add oats and rest of the milk and blend again until you get a nice texture.

3. Moringa and pineapple oats smoothie


4 slices of pineapple

4 sprigs of Moringa

1 tsp Moringa powder

3-4 Tbsp Quick Oats

Water as required

Honey ( Optional)

How to make Moringa and pineapple oatmeal smoothie for weight loss

First blend or grind pineapple and Moringa separately with some water..once done add the rest of the ingredients to the blender and blend again. Your healthy green oatmeal smoothie is ready.

4. Watermelon oats smoothie


1 cup Water Melon

3-4 Tbsp roasted quick oats

1 Tbsp HomeMade Melon jam

How to make watermelon oatmeal smoothie for weight loss:-

In a blender add all the ingredients and blend until you get a smooth consistency. Your healthy, hydrating smoothie is ready to serve.

5. Spinach and mango oats smoothie


3-4 Tbsp Quick Oats

1 bowl spinach ( 85g)

1 cup sliced mango

1.5 tsp honey

3 Tbsp Yogurt ( Optional)

Or water as required

How to make spinach and mango green oatmeal smoothie for weight loss:-

In a blender first blend spinach and chopped mangos. Once done add rest of the ingredients and blend again until you have a smooth consistency.

Smoothie for weight loss oatmeal smoothie to lose weight Weight loss recipe Recipe to lose weight in hindi

healthy strawberry banana smoothie recipes for weight loss

Healthy Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss

Healthy Smoothies are an effective way to obtain a snack or nutrient-packed meal.They can provide everything required protein vegetables, healthy fats and fruits. healthy strawberry banana smoothie, smoothies are an incredible way to pack many of nutrition into a delightful, convenient treat as you are able to enjoy anywhere healthy strawberry banana shake. Night or morning smoothies certainly are a treat right for just about any time of day healthy strawberry banana breakfast smoothie. Making a healthy smoothie that’s full of fruit, protein and other nutritious ingredients with these healthy smoothie recipes — healthy strawberry banana peanut butter smoothie.

Healthy Strawberry Banana Smoothie Ingredients :

  • 1 frozen peeled banana, cut into 1-inch pieces
  • 1/2 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1/4 cup plain low-fat yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon almond butter
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 cup water
  • Salt


When it’s hot outside, you want something refreshing. Strawberry and banana smoothies are a great solution. This natural and nutritious cocktail can be prepared in a few minutes. It is suitable for both fresh and frozen fruits. Therefore, while the season is going on, do not forget to make a stock of berries for the winter, so that you can pamper yourself with a portion of fragrant strawberry banana smoothie nutrition when the snow begins to fall outside the window.

How to make a strawberry smoothie for weight loss-the process of making

Breakfast or a light dinner, snack-smoothies are useful at any time of the day. It is especially good in summer, because it refreshes and quenches both hunger and thirst.

A smoothie is nothing more than a homogeneous, thick cocktail made from fruits, berries, and vegetables with the addition of liquid. There are many variants of the drink, which is due to an infinite number of combinations of products.

The puree-like consistency is achieved by beating the ingredients in a blender. To prepare a smoothie, you need to take three steps:

  1. Prepare the fruit: first of all, wash, clean, and remove inedible parts.
  2. Cut large fruits or vegetables into cubes.
  3. Put all the ingredients in a bowl at once, turn on the chopper for 30-40 seconds.

Pour the resulting mixture into glasses, decorate and serve with a tube. It seems to be simple, but to get a really tasty and healthy drink, you need to follow these rules:

  • The choice of liquid determines the energy value of a smoothie. The most dietary options should be prepared with water, green or herbal tea. The average calorie content will be y of a cocktail based on juice, the most nutritious mixtures will be obtained when adding fermented milk products or ice cream.
  • The fruits should be taken and frozen (at least part of it) or well chilled. You can hold the raw material for an hour in the freezer before cooking. Therefore, in this case, you will not need to add ice. Ego cubes, although they help to chop the fruit, but give an excessive watery taste.
  • A set of fruits and berries can be absolutely anything. But the part must have a dense pulp, otherwise, the smoothie will not be thick. For optimal consistency, it is good to add a banana, pear, Apple, or peach. More juicy fruits (orange, watermelon) should not be taken very much or prepare a drink without liquid.
  • A banana is a” lifesaver”. It is always sweet, so it can make a pleasant and soft taste of the cocktail even with sour berries. It can also be frozen.
  • For vegetable options, you should take juicy cucumbers, and for a dense structure-include avocado in the recipe. Herbs and herbs are also welcome. Spinach and mint are more commonly used.
  • Add sugar or not, everyone decides cam. But refined sugar increases the caloric content and glycemic index, which reduces the benefits of the cocktail. It is better to sweeten the drink with a small amount of honey if there is no Allergy to it. Favourably add dried fruits, the sweetest among them dates.
  • Vegetarians can use vegetable milk. Especially well combined with fruit coconut and almond.
  • Smoothies are not combined with second courses, egos always eat as a separate meal or not earlier than 2 hours after breakfast or lunch. This is not just a delicious drink, but also useful, it is rich in vitamins and fibre. An in order to increase the proportion of protein, not only yogurt is added, but also dry protein mixes for athletes.




Healthy Smoothies – Burn Stubborn Belly Fat

Fat Burning Smoothie

Healthy Smoothies – Burn Stubborn Belly Fat

One of hardest places to lose weight in is the belly. Belly fat does not really go away easily even for people in a regular diet and here is where fat burning smoothies come as be the best option to burn stubborn belly fat naturally.

Starving yourself just to lose weight is not healthy that’s why a smoothies diet is a good way to cut the calories and burn fat while still get the nutrition you need, especially from fruit and vegetable blended juice. which are recognized around the world as the healthiest drinks to bust belly fat and lose weight.

A fat burning smoothie must be made from natural ingredients and preferably home-made because some of blended drinks, especially those smoothies from restaurants still contain a lot of artificial ingredients that can compromise your goal of burning fat to lose weight naturally

So, make sure your smoothies are made from fresh and organic fruit and vegetables. A good smoothie diet for fat burning and weight loss should made of a colorful selection of fruits and vegetables which may include a combination of peaches, bananas, cucumber, and spinach and many more.

It is important to keep in mind that most of fresh veggies and fruits are sources of natural sugar. Avoiding put artificial sweeteners into your smoothie diet is the best way to optimize it make it more nutritional and turn it in a powerful fat burner drink. However, you can add some protein and calcium related ingredients to your fat burning smoothie, such as cheese and milk to speed up the weight loss process.